Creemore Children's Festival | About
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The Creemore Children’s Festival began in 2011 as a small multi-disciplinary arts festival intended to play host to young families living in and visiting our area. It is a community-minded, not-for-profit event designed to empower children by inspiring their imaginations and broadening their creative minds through exciting, interactive play. Geared to children of all ages, our volunteer driven activities, demonstrations and sponsored performances are grass-roots and all about getting back to the basics of family fun.

Though our wee Festival has grown to attract visitors by the thousands, our vision, to “empower” children by creating an event that is for and about them, has not changed. If anything, it has evolved to further showcase the interests, enthusiasm and talents of today’s child with emphasis on timeless means of play. Even with growing crowds and an increasing number of volunteer participants, we continue to preserve our roots by providing a unique, thoughtful and intelligent experience that is free of cost to guests.

Each year promises an entirely new line-up, bringing back only the most popular participants. Our main stage performances will entertain beyond compare, with many special guests and a variety of entertainment styles.

We look forward to welcoming you this year!