With so many festivals, fairs and exhibitions dotted across the short summer months, it is always challenging to choose the right ones to attend with your family. Some are overly designed for adults and others exclusively for children. What if one could engage the attention of both. The Creemore Children’s Festival hopes to do just that.

The Creemore Children’s Festival, a one day only affair, is scheduled for Saturday August 1, 2015. An idea that had been incubating for years was brought to life in 2011 from a community rich in artistic influence and distinct in character. With tourist appeal and a notable local demographic shift to young families, Creemore seems poised to host this unique family-inspired event. “We wanted to create a festival to reflect the friendly, relaxed nature of the town, and have an enormous amount of fun!”

The vision for the festival is to “empower” our children. It speaks to a generation of creative, thoughtful and intelligent kids and likewise, their parents. Geared to children of all ages, this not-for-profit event promises loads of simple, free, volunteer-driven activities that will capture the attention of attendees. The programming has been designed to inspire children’s imaginations and broaden their creative minds through exciting, interactive activities and play focused on education, learning, cultural diversity and live entertainment. “It is grassroots and all about getting back to the basics of family leisure.”

In 2011 and 2013 we featured a children’s marketplace, where young vendors have worked hard on their wares, and had avariety of activities such as a sandbox fossil dig or mask-making, a mini fashion design or song-writing workshop, dance demonstrations and a taste for the extracurricular gems that the area has to offer.  In 2011 street artists and entertainers, a live performance by the Juno-nominated band The Monkey Bunch, an evening talent show, and even more  were offered to attendees. Top it off with a beautiful village to explore filled with unique shops and restaurants – and there is a lot to look forward to here!

For more information about the festival or to contact organizers email info@creemorechildrensfestival.com.